Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Running Apparel Brands...Can You Keep Me Dry?

This is a different kind of blog entry for me.  Running friends, I need your help.  And brands who make running apparel, I would REALLY love to hear from you.

Those of you who know me and especially if you have ever run with me know that I'm a big guy (6-foot-6, 198 lbs after this morning's weigh-in).  And when I run, I really sweat!  I mean the kind that sometimes during a 10-mile summer run requires wringing out my shirt (if I wear one) multiple times with enough liquid coming out that I could more than refill the liter bottle of water that I usually carry.  And it doesn't stop there.  The longer I run, the more my shorts and even shoes just become soaked.  Yes, I know...it's gross.  And uncomfortable.

Here's where you - the reader - come in.  I've tried numerous supposed dri-fit, moisture-wicking shirts and shorts.  I would love to hear your recommendations, running friends.  Especially if you perspire heavily like I do.  I would like to especially challenge a brand or two to step up and let me review a set of their products (shirt and shorts) in exchange for proving that they've got the best gear on the market, especially when it comes to shorts.  I typically haven't spent a lot of money on this apparel because I haven't seen a difference.  However, my guess is that Nike, Asics, Brooks, Under Armour, or another brand has a product out there that they feel confident in and might want to sell me on it.  And, Lululemon...I'm on your mailing list and read all your claims that your $64 Pace Breaker shorts are the best out there.  I really challenge you to put your money where your mouth is and send me a pair to prove it.  Until then, there is no way I'm forking over that kind of cash for a product I know nothing about except from my female running friends who swear I'll see a difference.  Oh, and Running Warehouse....you are welcome to get in on this challenge, too, as you have access to every brand.  What's your recommendation for this very loyal customer?

I look forward to hearing your responses, running friends, and let's see if any brand is truly willing to put their products to the test.  I mean...what are they out, right?  I've proven time and time again that I'm a loyal customer when I find products and services that work for me and meet my expectations.

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Anonymous said...

Just buy one and try it. If it doesn't work take it back.